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Patient Referral and Admission Criteria

Physicians, social workers, caregivers, or family members can make referrals to Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital. Each referral is carefully evaluated by a RN Case Manager to determine if the patient can benefit from our medical and therapeutic services, meets acute care admission criteria, and that Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital is the most appropriate level of care for the patient's diagnosis and medical needs.

The assessment will consist of a complete review of the patient's medical record, relevant family/social history and the patient's health care coverage. It is important that potential patients be evaluated early in the course of their acute care stay in order to qualify for optimal benefits of long-term acute care. A decision regarding the patient's referral status will be made within 24 hours of the referral evaluation or receipt of the patient's records.

Patient admissions require a physician order and admitting diagnosis. Patients may be admitted directly from an acute care hospital, or directly from home, or another type of health care facility (Emergency Department, Urgentcare, or physician's office).

The RN Case Manager will work with the referring hospital to coordinate the transfer and admission of the patient to Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital. If a bed is available and the patient is medically ready for transfer, admission will be scheduled that day or the day following. Our Case Manager and/or Social Worker will also be available to address questions or concerns prior to admission or any time during the patient's stay.

To make a patient referral, please contact our referral line at:

(270) 796-6280 or
Toll Free: 1-800-949-3035

If you wish to speak with a Case Manager, they can be reached directly at (270) 796-6285 or (270) 796-6287.

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